divendres, 3 de novembre de 2017


Hello friends! Hola amigos y amigas!

Do you know about the chestnut celebration in Catalonia? The  “Castanyada” is a tradition that celebrates in Catalonia.   This tradition takes place from  the  31 th of November.

During the Castanyada people eat chestnuts and panellets, a sweet dessert that people buy or make at home during this celebration. In addition to this, it is common to eat boniatos (sweet potatos). Moreover, if you walk around the city, you will see people selling roasted chestnuts. It is so delicious!

The students of Year  1 celebrated “ La castanyada” all together. We did lots of fun activities.

We sang and danced  tradicional catalan songs of “ La Castanyada “.   Here you have the Chorus of the Castanyera song:

"When it's time to pick chestnuts, chestnut seller, chestnut seller, she sells mountain chestnuts at town square, her shirt becomes small, her skirt makes bell, her shoes make "Cloc Cloc", and he dance and turn so long".

As we were quite hungry, we ate some roasted chestnuts. They were delicious!. Finally, we saw a performance about “La castanyada”. It was an awesome day! 

Ha  sido un dia muy divertido! Hemos hecho muchas cosas. Hemos bailado, nos hemos disfrazado, hemos cantado, hemos comido castañas y también hemos podido ir al teatro!! Y vosotros que nos explicáis de Halloween?

Hasta pronto amigos y amigas!